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Vassar College Pre-registration

Each student has two options for pre-registration. You can use the web pre-registration system to enter your own course selections or you can simply complete a pre-registration form and return it to the Office of the Registrar. We encourage you to use the computer since you will have access to information such as course limits, class restrictions, and up-to-date information on how many students have requested a particular course section.

Pre-registration System

Sign In

Use the web pre-registration system to enter your own course selections. You will be prompted for your 9-digit ID number and your RegPin, which you must obtain from your adviser.

Registration Steps

  1. Pick up registration materials available from the Office of the Registrar.
  2. You must meet with your adviser during the 2-week registration period. You must get a RegPin from your adviser that will allow you to access the pre-registration system. Your 9-digit ID number is also required. If you are a double major or an Independent major you should have been assigned 2 (two) major advisers. In order to register you will be required to obtain a distinct RegPin from each of these advisers. You will not be able to log on to the Pre-Registration system without these 2 (two) RegPins. If you do not wish to use the computer, your adviser(s) must sign your registration form before the registrar will accept it.
  3. Sign on to the system and enter your courses in the order of their importance to you. Once you have entered the courses you may change their order by using the REORDER button.
  4. You may sign off and on as many times as you like during the 2-week period.
  5. You are able to enter up to 5 (five) units of course selections in the Pre-Registration system. When registration closes and the algorithm is run to place students in their selections, there will be a cap of 4.5 units that will feed into the Banner system. 
  6. Once the 2-week period has ended the system closes down and a program is run that reviews all course requests and attempts to register students based on class year, registration draw #, and order of priority given to the course. The program registers all seniors first. Course requests are scheduled in the order they are listed on the registration screen, with senior #1's first priority course scheduled first, followed by senior #2's first priority, and so on until all first priority courses for the seniors have been scheduled. The program then goes to the seniors' second priority courses and repeats the process. When all senior courses have been scheduled, the same process is repeated for the juniors, then the sophomores, and then the freshmen.
  7. Special Permission courses are identified in the system. To complete your registration for one of these courses you must get the instructor to sign your registration form, and then turn the form into the registrar by the deadline. Field Work also requires the signature of the community-engaged learning office.

Helpful Hints

  • Be sure you list your courses in order of their priority.
  • List Special Permission courses last.
  • List popular courses that will most likely close ahead of courses that are unlimited.
  • Please note that you are creating a list of course requests, and that actual registration does not take place until after the 2-week pre-registration period has ended, when a program is run to schedule these requests. While you may be the last person to request a popular course, your entry into the course is determined by the combination of class year, draw #, and priority, as explained above.