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Registration Announcements

Preregistration Phase II

The first day of Preregistration Phase II, Wednesday, May 9, is limited to those students who are not enrolled in a full-time load for the Fall 2018 term (3.0 or fewer units enrolled, waitlists do not count as enrolled). The second and third days of Preregistration Phase II, Thursday, May 10 and Friday, May 11, are open to all students. Preregistration Phase II is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Genetics Courses

You may take only one of the three genetics courses.  As you may have seen in the online catalogue, we now have three new intermediate-level subject areas.  One of them is Genetics.  If you declared this fall, those new categories would be the ones you use to fulfill your distributional requirement; if you declared earlier, you and your adviser can decide which system that you want to use.  In either case, we will only allow you to take one of the three genetics courses, Bio 238, Bio 244, or Bio 281.  This goes for any student, regardless of their major.

Music Department

Music Performance

If you are interested in taking Music Performance Lessons:

All students must register for music lessons, whether taking lessons for credit or no credit. Students should see Alix Hoffman, the Administrative Assistant in the Music Department, for proper placement and enrollment.  Enrollment is limited in each instrument with preference given to music majors and those students electing credited performance.  All students who take music lessons for credit are required to fulfill a co-requisite of two courses in theory or history; students are strongly advised to take these courses during their freshman and sophomore years.