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Spring 2021 Final Exam Schedule

Examination periods are two hours each:  9:00am - 11:00am and 1:00pm - 3:00pm and 5:00 - 7:00pm
Please Note: Self-Scheduled Exams may be taken Tuesday, May 25 through
Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Please consult with your instructor for the specific times.
Please Note:
According to faculty legislation, it is each student’s responsibility to take final examinations at the times indicated.  Only under exceptional circumstances will a student be permitted to take a final examination at a time other than that which is indicated in this schedule, and these exceptions can only be authorized by the Class Advisers in the Dean of Studies Office. Also, faculty may not change the time of a scheduled examination without the explicit authorization from the Dean of Studies.

ARTD22051Lastra, ElizabethFri5/28/215:00 PM
ARTD26451Nesbit, MollyFri5/28/219:00 AM
ASIA10651Kang, ClaireTue6/1/215:00 PM
ASIA20651Kang, ClaireTue6/1/215:00 PM
BIOL27281McLaughlin, KrystleTue6/1/211:00 PM
BIOL27282McLaughlin, KrystleTue6/1/211:00 PM
CHEM12581Bendavid, LeahFri5/28/215:00 PM
CHEM12582Bendavid, LeahFri5/28/215:00 PM
CHEM12583Otten, BrookeFri5/28/215:00 PM
CHEM24581Kaur, SarjitFri5/28/215:00 PM
CHEM24582Smart, ChristopherFri5/28/215:00 PM
CHEM27281McLaughlin, KrystleTue6/1/211:00 PM
CHEM27282McLaughlin, KrystleTue6/1/211:00 PM
CHIN10651Hao, BeiTue6/1/215:00 PM
CHIN10851Hao, BeiTue6/1/219:00 AM
CHIN30651Wang, JingTue6/1/215:00 PM
CMPU10251Gommerstadt, HannahFri5/28/215:00 PM
CMPU14551Ellman, TomFri5/28/219:00 AM
CMPU33451Goodwin, Prairie RoseFri5/28/215:00 PM
ECON10251Kennett, DavidTue6/1/219:00 AM
ECON10252Kennett, DavidTue6/1/219:00 AM
ECON10253Atwood, AliciaTue6/1/219:00 AM
ECON10254Atwood, AliciaTue6/1/219:00 AM
ECON20151Jehle, GeoffreyTue6/1/219:00 AM
ECON20152Jehle, GeoffreyTue6/1/219:00 AM
ECON27351Kagy, GisellaFri5/28/219:00 AM
ECON27352Kagy, GisellaFri5/28/219:00 AM
ECON27551Argudo, EstebanTue6/1/211:00 PM
ECON27552Argudo, EstebanTue6/1/211:00 PM
ECON27751Frye, DustinFri5/28/211:00 PM
ECON27752Frye, DustinFri5/28/211:00 PM
ECON34551Jehle, GeoffreyTue6/1/219:00 AM
ENGL23651Amodio, MarkFri5/28/219:00 AM
ESCI22451Cunningham, Mary AnnTue6/1/215:00 PM
ESCI22452Cunningham, Mary AnnTue6/1/215:00 PM
FFSD10651Brancky, AnneTue6/1/215:00 PM
FFSD20651Brancky, AnneFri5/28/211:00 PM
GEOG22451Cunningham, Mary AnnTue6/1/215:00 PM
GEOG22452Cunningham, Mary AnnTue6/1/215:00 PM
HISP10651Romero Rivera, MarcelaTue6/1/211:00 PM
HISP10652Rodriguez, EduardoTue6/1/211:00 PM
HISP20551Hacthoun, AugustoTue6/1/215:00 PM
HISP20552Hacthoun, AugustoTue6/1/215:00 PM
HISP21951Vivalda, NicolasTue6/1/219:00 AM
INTL27351Kagy, GisellaFri5/28/219:00 AM
INTL27352Kagy, GisellaFri5/28/219:00 AM
ITAL10651Anatrone, SoleFri5/28/211:00 PM
ITAL10652Bondavalli, SimonaFri5/28/211:00 PM
ITAL10653Anatrone, SoleFri5/28/211:00 PM
ITAL10654Bondavalli, SimonaFri5/28/211:00 PM
JAPA10651Matsubara, YukoTue6/1/215:00 PM
JAPA10652Matsubara, YukoTue6/1/215:00 PM
JAPA20651Yoshiyama, MiekoFri5/28/215:00 PM
JAPA30651Yoshiyama, MiekoFri5/28/219:00 AM
MATH12651Albertini, JulesFri5/28/219:00 AM
MATH12751Albertini, JulesTue6/1/219:00 AM
MATH22151Lotto, BenjaminFri5/28/219:00 AM
MATH22152Lotto, BenjaminFri5/28/219:00 AM
MATH26151Steinhorn, CharlesTue6/1/215:00 PM
MATH33951Lowrance, AdamFri5/28/219:00 AM
MATH36151Steinhorn, CharlesTue6/1/215:00 PM
MEDS26451Nesbit, MollyFri5/28/219:00 AM
MUSI10652Motazedian, TahirihTue6/1/219:00 AM
NEUR24151Zupan, BojanaFri5/28/211:00 PM
PHYS11481Hall, KeithTue6/1/215:00 PM
PHYS11482Hall, KeithTue6/1/215:00 PM
PSYC24151Zupan, BojanaFri5/28/211:00 PM
URBS26451Nesbit, MollyFri5/28/219:00 AM