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COVID Classroom Capacity

BuildingRoomDescriptionGround Truthing Capacity
Blodgett Hall29Classroom15
Blodgett Hall101Anthropology Lab12
Blodgett Hall105Classroom13
Blodgett Hall109Seminar Room8
Blodgett Hall118Seminar Room3
Blodgett Hall122Classroom8
Blodgett Hall201Seminar Room7
Blodgett Hall242Seminar8
Blodgett Hall305Seminar Room10
Blodgett Hall309Seminar Room3
Blodgett HallAUDNora Ann Wallace 73 auditorium45
Bridge for Life Sciences101101-Laybourne Visualization Lab13
Bridge for Life Sciences115Lab16
Bridge for Life Sciences117Lab15
Bridge for Life Sciences119Lab15
Bridge for Life Sciences123Lab14
Bridge for Life Sciences202Rosenwald Seminar Room7
Bridge for Life Sciences215Lab15
Bridge for Life Sciences217Teaching Lab14
Bridge for Life SciencesB01Lab12
Chicago Hall102Seminar Room5
Chicago Hall106Classroom5
Chicago Hall109Classroom5
Chicago Hall116Classroom5
Chicago Hall118Classroom5
Chicago Hall123Classroom5
Chicago Hall126Classroom5
Chicago Hall134Classroom5
Chicago Hall137Seminar5
Chicago Hall143Classroom5
Chicago HallLL103New Classroom12
Chicago HallLL104New Classroom12
Ely Hall104Small Seminar Room4
Ely Hall114 9
Ely Hall200Large Classroom16
Ely Hall202 6
Ely Hall204 9
Field StationSeminar RoomSeminar12
Kenyon Hall131Medium Classroom15
Kenyon Hall132Large Discussion Classroom15
Kenyon Hall133Medium Discussion Classroom15
Kenyon Hall134Large Discussion Classroom15
Kenyon Hall216Large Discussion Classroom15
Kenyon Hall217Large Discussion Classroom15
Kenyon HallCLUBClub Room8
Library88Lecture/Seminar Classroom10
Library160160-Electronic Classroom16
LibrarySPCOSpecial Collections4
Library51 RoomClassroom32
Loeb208Conference Room8
New England105Seminar Room14
New England106Seminar Room7
New England206Seminar Room14
New Hackensack103Video Art6
New Hackensack141Critque Room12
Observatory211Seminar Room6
Observatory212Seminar Room7
Old Laundry Bldg105Classroom8
Old Laundry Bldg205Seminar7
Old Laundry Bldg314Classroom8
Olmsted162Medium Classroom16
Olmsted169Medium Classroom16
Olmsted266Medium Classroom19
Olmsted273Medium Classroom18
Rockefeller Hall101Classroom10
Rockefeller Hall104Classroom10
Rockefeller Hall112Seminar12
Rockefeller Hall200Lecture Hall27
Rockefeller Hall201Classroom12
Rockefeller Hall203Classroom20
Rockefeller Hall210Classroom20
Rockefeller Hall212Classroon12
Rockefeller Hall300Large Lecture Hall38
Rockefeller Hall301Classroom12
Rockefeller Hall304Classroom12
Rockefeller Hall307Classroom9
Rockefeller Hall308Classroom3
Rockefeller Hall310Classroom20
Rockefeller Hall312Classroom18
Sanders Classroom8Classroom7
Sanders Classroom11Classroom7
Sanders Classroom13Classroom11
Sanders Classroom17Classroom4
Sanders Classroom111Seminar Room5
Sanders Classroom113Seminar Room5
Sanders Classroom212Spitzer Auditorium36
Sanders Physics105Classroom10
Sanders Physics201Teaching Lab10
Sanders Physics201.1Teaching Lab7
Sanders Physics205Teaching Lab12
Sanders Physics206Collaborative Classroom12
Sanders Physics307Computer Lab10
Sanders Physics309Computer Lab14
Skinner Hall203Classroom4
Skinner Hall303Classroom11
Skinner Hall326Electronic Classroom5
Skinner Hall400Theckla Hall20
Skinner Hall403Classroom8
Skinner HallLCListening Classroom13
Skinner HallRHMary Anna Fox Martel Recital Hall60
Swift Hall101Seminar Classroom9
Swift Hall105Seminar Room1
Swift Hall201Seminar Classroom9
Taylor Hall102Auditorium42
Taylor Hall203Small Lecture Hall18
Taylor Hall205Seminar Room5
Taylor Hall206Classroom10
Taylor Hall318Architecture Studio12
Taylor Hall328Screening Room6
Taylor Hall401Drafting Room9
Vogelstein Drama/Film18Faculty Screening Room3
Vogelstein Drama/Film106Martell Theater60
Vogelstein Drama/Film109Rosenwald Screen Room24
Vogelstein Drama/Film110Acting Studio22
Vogelstein Drama/Film111Design Studio25
Vogelstein Drama/Film206Editing Classroom6
Vogelstein Drama/Film215Multimedia Room/Editing9
Vogelstein Drama/Film305Small Seminar Room4
Vogelstein Drama/Film308Small Screening Room10
Vogelstein Drama/Film309Large Classroom9
Vogelstein Drama/Film310Small Seminar Room4
Tent1 Rocky Lawn28
Tent2 Chapel Lawn28
Tent3 Library Lawn28
Tent4 Blodgett Lawn28
Tent5 Center for Drama/Film Lawn28
Tent6 Commencement Hill Left28
Tent7 Chicago Lawm28
Tent8 New Hackensack Lawn20
Tent9 Pratt Lawn20
Tent10 Commencement Hill Right28
Tent 12 Loeb Lawn28